Car Information

  • Nissan Micra (A/C)

    Group C
  • Fuel – Petrol
  • ABS
  • Drive Assist
  • Transmission – Manual
  • Manufacturing Year – 2018
  • Air Conditioning
45.00 /for 1 day(s)

Nissa Micra is a city car, economic and easy to drive, if you rent this car it comes with Air Conditioning. It’s a good choice to rent while staying at Madeira island.

1-2 Days: 45€
3-6 Days:42€
7-14 Days: 38€
15 >= Days:36€

* The prices shown are per day. The cars shown are references only and may be replaced by similar one.
** Please note that the price is only indicative and you should always wait for confirmation from Carxop-Rent about your reservation.

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